Have you decided to secure your home or office by mounting CCTV cameras? Selecting the best CCTV camera is not easy. So we are sharing a few basic tips to help you choose the right one.

1. Good Brand and Reviews

To purchase any product, it is important to check the brand name and reviews of that product. Any cheap brand with low quality is not a good option when it comes to safety.

2. Resolution

There must be a certain range of resolution to get the best quality image and video.

3. Available for Both Day and Night

The camera must work properly for both day and night recording. Most intrusions occur at night. So, the camera must be very good to record at night.

4. Coverage

You must be sure of the coverage area and whether the camera is capable of cover the area or not. Sometimes multiple cameras are needed for that.

5. Warranty

Check the warranty card before buying the product.

6. Recording and Storing

The surveillance must have a larger hard drive to record everything and store for a certain time.

7. Internet access

CCTV with internet is very convenient. You can easily monitor any time through your laptop or smartphone.

8. Audio integration

In some system, there are options for speaking and making conversation with others.

9. All Weather Cameras

The camera must have a very good quality to sustain in a rough weather. For the outdoor side, the camera must be waterproof to face the rain, storm, moisture or snow.

10. Flexible System

If the surveillance system is flexible, then it will be possible to add more cameras in the future. The IP or wireless cameras are best for that.

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