The Lutron brand is known worldwide as a smart home product that can support your lighting control in any space. The Lutron Shades and Lutron Blinds help diffuse the amount of sunlight that is received by the area. It is a promising product for those looking to upgrade their home and office spaces. The brand has been accrediting companies as Lutron Dealers to further accommodate the demands of customers. One of the best dealers out there is HDH Intelligence Technologies. They are a certified Lutron Dealer and Lutron Installer since 2017.

HDH Tech, as a Lutron Installer and dealer can help customers get access to that Motorized Shades or Motorized Blinds that they have been looking forward to for weeks. Their competent skills to become a Lutron Installer can help reduce the hassle of setting up for you.

Product Discovery

Before buying any product, it is natural to first understand what it can do for you. And at this point, perhaps it is not yet a Lutron Dealer that you are looking for. Probably, one would be satisfied watching product promotional videos instead. This is okay. It is understandable because the Lutron Shades and Lutron Blinds do not come cheap. There is a reason behind its pricing, and it is simply to match the level of quality that it promises. Having Motorized Shades or Motorized Blinds can open doors of convenience especially when placed at a large space. Lutron is not only applicable to residential spaces, but also in commercial spaces. Imagine the possibility of controlling your office’s motorized shades or motorized blinds from across the room. It is not only convenient, but it is also a time-saver. Instead of walking for each blind, they can be set to do the same task with just a tap of a button. So, when one decides that Lutron products are for them, then we move into the next stage in the line of questioning. And this is to find the best Lutron Dealer out there.

Product Purchase and Installation

Finding the best Lutron Dealer may sometimes be a challenging task. For these consumers that decide to purchase the product, they may encounter obstacles in product accessibility and authenticity. With recognized Lutron Dealers, such as HDH Tech, this helps build consumer trust. HDH Tech ensures that they have the right people to serve their brand’s customers. As a consumer, the benefit of having contact with certified Lutron Dealers is that they can provide accurate information and at the same time, a variety of products. The Lutron Shades and Lutron Blinds can come in different types, lengths, colors, and styles. Each customer would always want to have the ones closes to what they have envisioned in a space. To purchase the wrong product can pose a negative impact. One way to eliminate this is to approach the right Lutron Dealer to ensure that you will be provided with the exact Motorized Shade or Motorized Blind that you need for your space. Aside from product access, HDH Tech has opened this facility where customers can schedule a free consultation through their website. This can allow customers to reach out for help for installation needs or any related concern.

Once you have purchased that product, we all want to use it in the fastest way possible. But before this, the technology requires setup and installation. There are times when self-installations can fail you and that it would be better to invest in Lutron Installers instead. HDH Tech, as a Lutron Installer, offers its services to support customers. They have skilled employees that understand the intricacies of the brand and product which can help bring your envisioned view to its actual form; exactly as how it was marketed and shown when you were watching those promotional videos. As a Lutron Installer, they can not only provide the actual set up, but they also promise to give you support for any breakdowns that may be encountered.

Product Maintenance

So, when it comes to the maintenance of the product, HDH Tech can also be of service. They can help you figure out what is the problem, fix it for you (when applicable), or point you in the right direction to resolve the solution – even if it means to replace faulty products under warranty. This proves their commitment as a Lutron Installer and a trusted partner of brands.

If you are interested to schedule a free consultation with HDH Tech as a Lutron Dealer or Lutron Installer, you can call them at (855) 850-3808 or emailing them at