Owning a house is a dream that is cherished by almost every single person. And when it comes to this, everyone would also want to make sure that your house is a very good one. this means that appearance and comfort are both equally important.

Automation systems used inside the house, have a huge impact on the comfort level. Thanks to the advancements in science and technology, all home automation systems have become affordable. This was not the case a few years back. These systems were very costly. Some of the popular home automation systems are lighting control system and security system.

Lighting control system:

This is probably the most popular home automation system. The idea is to provide a centralized control to all the lights in the house. The control would be done through a touch screen panel or a remote control. Also in modern systems, the system would be connected to the internet and hence the residents would be even able to control the lights via a smartphone or a tablet. Also the brightness of the lights can be controlled if the lights used are LED bulbs.

Security system:

Staying secure is a very important thing. Earlier to ensure security, people were appointed as guards. But this is not feasible in the case of houses. This is solved with the arrival of automated security system, this is a combination of CCTV cameras, sensors etc. So if something happens in the house, it would be caught on the cameras. Also if an intruder enters the house, then certain alarms would go off. Also the residents would be notified even if the residents are not home.