Home automation is something that is becoming more and more popular. The developments in this field are due to improvements in the areas of science and technology. Earlier these systems costed a lot of money and hence only rich people were able to enjoy the comfort offered by these systems. But now the cost has come done by a large factor and hence even middle class people are able to buy these systems. Two of the most popular home automation systems are home lighting control system and the automated security system. Temperature control system is also quite popular.

What is a lighting control system?

This is perhaps the most commonly used home automation system. The aim is to enable the residents to control all the lightings in the house from a central location. This might be a universal touch screen or a remote control. In new systems, the residents would be able to control the lights with their smart phones. Hence even if the residents are out, they can control the lights without going home. The lights would be LED bulbs and hence the brightness can be controlled. So the lights can be made to match the mood of the situation.

The advantages:

The most important advantage is that life would become more convenient. A centralized control is something that would increase the convenience. Since the lights are LEDs, the brightness can be controlled and also the electricity consumption is very low when compared to conventional lights. Also these lights would last for more years. Another important thing is that there would be control over the covers of the windows. Hence natural light of the sun can be brought in as much as possible.