Home automation has come a long way in the past few years. There has been a lot of different inventions that has led to the reduction of the cost of these systems by a large factor. Another key factor is that the systems that are manufactured now are far more durable when compared to older systems. Also the amount of maintenance that these systems require are quite small. In fact, there are numerous home automation systems and one of the most popular ones is the motorized curtains and electric drapes.

The colour and design

Even though we are considering this system as a home automation system, it is a fact that this system has a very important aesthetic influence on the entire room’s appearance. Hence the colour and the design of the curtains should be carefully selected or else the window would look completely out of sync. Another thing to consider is the material of the curtain or the drapes. This too should match with that of the other furniture in the room.

The electric components

A motorized curtain would have some electric components like an electric motor, wires, a controller etc. Care must be taken to ensure that the motor is powerful enough to drive the system. Another thing is that the residents should be able to control the system with a wireless controller. If wired control is used, then the cleaning process would be a difficult one and also the person would have to come closer in order to operate the curtains every single time. As a customer you should also make sure that the electric components are all enclosed inside the railings.