What is HVAC Automation

The term HVAC is the short term of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. Different types of equipments are used to control all these above mentioned factors in the residential or commercial building. The heating system is for keeping your house warm and comfortable during winter. Ventilation is for ensuring fresh air and reduces contamination from the indoor side as much as possible. Air conditioning system is for providing a cool environment while the outside temperature is hot and uncomfortable. By the latest technology, you can easily control these entire factors from your smart device and stay away from any kind of complication. This is known as HVAC automation.

About Lighting Automation

In residential and commercial area, perfect lighting and shading is must to get the comfort and relaxing surrounding. So lighting automation is there to make your life simple and save you from all the switches and switchboard. For the automation you just need to install the app on your smart device and you can control the whole lighting system by that app. Even if you are not at home, still you can turn on or off the lighting.

Building Automation

Building automation means, building is being controlled by the relevant software or apps. Here, HVAC, lighting, safety and security everything are included in the automation system. It is efficient and more comfortable to manage everything. It reduces the energy consumption and maintenance cost.


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