Home automation has been improving in the years and it is becoming more and more efficient in home management. With the various advancements in technology more ideas which cheaper, and effective ideas have been discovered. Some of the ideas include:

Affordable lighting

One could set up a simple garage lighting, such that when the garage door opens at night the lights would automatically go on. One could also set up a light sensor system such that when it gets dark they automatically light up and when the sun is rising they would automatically start getting dim until when there is enough sunlight they go off. Also when everyone is leaving the house and closes the door it could switch off lights in every room.

Cooling and heating in the house

One could set up thermostats to sense a decrease or increase in room temperature which could initiate a mechanism to either activate a fan or initiate the heating system. This would help to maintain a constant room temperature.

Affordable security

One could set up such that when the doors are locked at night or when the family is away and they are forcefully opened they initiate a mechanism which will activate the alarm. One could also set up home security cameras in a way that the house owners can see everything happening at their homes on their portable touch screen computers.

Emergency and notifying alerts

This could be in case of fire the system would not only initiate fire detecting sprinklers but also contact the nearest fire fighting station. This could also come in handy to alert in case of a pipe leakage.