The advancements in consumer electronics have also made possible the developments of devices such as large screen displays and cameras with advanced image processing. Many companies already use standard TV displays for their display exhibits on trade show exhibition floor, but interactive displays and cameras with image processing allow significantly more and better ways to engage your audience and promote your brand. Let us take a look some creative uses of these devices for trade shows.

Interactive displays

Standard television displays showing your product catalogue is something that has been done since television screens have existed, and it is quite boring these days. Many large sized touchscreens are available at a reasonable price, and you may even be able to find a service that rents them out. It allows you to garner interaction with your audience, which is much more effective and active form of engagement. For example, you can commission a simple touch screen based game for your audience to play, and discover information about your products along the way. Even if you are not able to get such displays, there are ways to use simple displays creatively. For example, you can put up a large TV displaying all the latest tweets with your brand’s hashtag, and encourage your audience to tweet in order to show their tweets on a large display. You can also implement this technique with certain other social media services, and soon you will be able to get your brand trending on social media.

Cameras with image processing

There are certain camera systems that can identify a person’s gender and age range. You can pair this with a standard TV displaying your products. So, if an interested person stops by the display, the camera can identify the demographics and display the relevant products on the screen, thus increasing the probability of a successful engagement. Image processing can also be used for things like augmented reality. You can offer people their images in interesting backgrounds on your website. This will drive traffic as well allow you an opportunity to gather email addressed for post-event marketing.