The evolution of technology has made life not only easier and simpler but also convenient. Imagine having control of everything in your home at your hands with an easy wireless device. Once a reserve for the rich and affluent, intelligent homes now come a dime a dozen and are easily accessible and available to all.

Home Automation Explained

Automated homes, also known as Smart Homes, have been conceptualized and theorized for years with writers and movie directors exploring the limits of a fully automated future in their films. The essence of a smart home can trace its roots back to the early 1900s when the first engine powered home appliance was invented. Although not considered ‘smart’ in today’s standards, the invention of home appliances began the great journey of automated homes. New and improved inventions throughout the century paved the way for what is today referred to as a smart home. In basic terms, a smart or automated home uses one or more computers to fully operate all the basic functions of the home including cleaning, air conditioning, water sprinkling, window covering, heating and lighting, security features and cooking.

Why Is A Smart Home Necessary

  • Convenience – wireless home automation helps you keep everything up to date, organized and well planned at the comfort of your office, hotel room or car with just the push of a button.
  • Security – with wireless home automation your home, assets and information is always secure with real time surveillance at any place or time.

Get Wireless Automation Today

A wireless automated home involves a few fundamental components that include an appropriately programmed computer(s), a variety of compatible devices, a working internet connection and a reliable power back up system. At we ensure that your home never lacks in the newest and most innovative smart home solutions.