A vanishing TV mirror is a TV that is placed behind a mirror. When the TV is off you have a mirror in front of you but if the TV is switched on then mirror acts as a screen. With the advancement in technology, we are getting closer to gadgets that look like objects from science fiction. One example of this is a vanishing TV mirror.

In the case of vanishing TV mirror, you have to use a certain type of mirror as most mirrors have an opaque backing. The mirrors used in vanishing TV are mirrors of a special kind with reflecting technology.

How do vanishing TV mirrors work?

Vanishing TV mirrors are built to polarize the light in a special way. First and foremost light from an LCD screen is already polarized and if polarization is incorrectly done it will block all the light. So vanishing TV mirrors are built by special manufacturers.

Vanishing TV mirrors can be used to give an artistic look to the display. There are a lot of TVs with advanced features which do not have any aesthetics when they are turned off so using vanishing TV mirrors you can highlight what you want.

Mirror TV

In vanishing mirror TV the mirrors that are used are of high-quality, thin, black and silver. When the TV is turned on you get a full surface that is illuminated. These same mirrors can be used in modern kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, high- class saloons, airports, gyms, and many other places.

When you switch on the vanishing TV you get high definition audio and an HD screen comes to life. You can get two types of vanishing TV mirrors one with standard design and the other is customized for the customer