Office is a place where people of different type of living standard, lifestyle work together to achieve the goal of the organization. There is a constant battle that goes on among the employees in the office for the temperature. For an organization it is really not easy to satisfy their employees need in terms of temperature as some of the employees may like cold temperature while some may like a bit warm temperature. So automatic temperature control system may solve this problem a bit.

Get the right temperature

If we look out at the life cycle of an employee of a company, we will found that around almost half of the life of the employee he spend at his job but then also most of the employees are really not satisfied with their jobs and the most common factor for this is the temperature in which they have to work in. It is the primary duty of the employer to get the perfect temperature to the employees so that their productivity can be increased. If the temperature is to high or too low, then the employees can get discomfort in working.

Effects of not appropriate temperature

Temperature plays a very important role in the health conditions of Human Beings. There are many virus and bacteria that evolves in a specific temperature. Some might need a warm temperature to evolve while some might need cold temperature to evolve, so if we maintain the temperature between hot and cold and the temperature is moderate then we can save our employees from getting various types of diseases from these bacteria and viruses. These viruses may attack the body of the employees and they may get long term disease and their overall health may decrease. Dehydration, fainting, heatstroke and even sometimes death can happen because of not maintaining proper temperature. Company may lose their employee and lose money and reputation because of this.