Today, it is a requirement for an office to be secured. An office always has a lot of documents, records, and secrets that should never get stolen or leave the office’s walls. With CCTV, each and every activity – during and after working hours, will be recorded. Therefore, these devices will provide your office with security against incidents like theft, vandalism, burglary and other criminal activities. In addition, CCTV will also help capture the activities of office workers and help in monitoring their performance. Here are some of the Benefits of installing CCTV in the office.

Monitoring of office workers

CCTV cameras will help in monitoring office workers. This help in identifying those who put more effort in their work. In this helps in giving awards and promotions to these workers hence increasing their performance. In addition, workers will be more focus as they know whatever they are doing is being recorded and reviewed.

CCTV will also help in solving office disputes

In some cases, conflict and enmity may develop in the offices. Therefore, there might be a need to know and analyze what transpired before making judgments on the case at hand. The security footages can be pulled out and evidence will be availed to help in solving the dispute. CCTV will there for bringing harmony among the office workers hence smoothening operations.

Protect against criminal activities and provide evidence if any occur.

Sometimes criminal activities can take place in the office such as vandalism, theft etc. and there may be a need for you to provide evidence to the authorities to enable them to track down the criminals or suspects. This becomes easy as you will only get the security footages from the CCTV system and identify the suspect. This evidence can also be presented to the court during the suspect’s prosecution.

Reduction of insurance premium

When CCTV systems are properly installed in the office, there will be a reduction in the insurance premium by about 20%. With complete security, the insurances companies will have no choice but to offer better prices and policies. This basically is because of the reduces cases of theft that most offices get insured against.