Teleconferencing services are the combination of various teleconferencing technologies by a company and presented to cater your communication needs. When you require different teleconferencing services, you should look for a company capable of fulfilling all your requirements.

Today, teleconferencing services are changing the way organizations work. There are mainly three types of teleconferencing services and they are as follows:

Audio Teleconferencing Services

Majority of companies use audio teleconferencing service in their operations. To make the audio teleconferencing service unique, different service providers include different features in their services. Various features like the number of people participating in the call, secure access, pass codes, toll free or local numbers, polling, operator assisted, scripts, questions and answers, event manager, etc. differentiates one company from another.

Video Teleconferencing Services

Video teleconferencing services are the greatest ever communication service and nowadays, organizations in every part of the world are using video conferencing to serve one or the other purpose. The process is same as that of audio teleconferencing, instead, you get an additional benefit to see the video also. Video conferencing is the best option to deliver lectures from distant locations, for brainstorming sessions, and to carry out conferences where visual items should be used to deliver specific information to other people on the call.

Web Conferencing Service

This is yet another very famous method to be in contact with colleagues and employees across the globe. The Internet has made it a reality and various features which are not possible with audio or video teleconferencing are possible through web conferencing service. For example, web conferencing allows you to implement streaming audio or video. You can access whiteboards, show text or PowerPoint slides, and do polling as well as web tours.

The great thing about teleconferencing services is that you get the power to do teleconferencing calls anywhere in the world. Your money, as well as time, is saved when you go for teleconferencing services. However, smaller companies will find these services costly because their business is usually spread in a limited zone.

Moreover, different teleconferencing services require different equipment for an effective and efficient communication.