Have you ever come across the terms Insteon, Z-wave and Zigbee while doing your search for a home automation system? How about BLE and Wi-Fi? These are communication modules or protocols for home automation systems currently available on the market.

While there are a variety of home automation system modules present these days, a professional installer like hdhtech.com will vouch for a system that is capable of integrating different modules.

How many communication modules are ideal for a home automation system?

Ideally, a home automation system should consist of a universal gateway. It should be able to communicate with your smartphone device and other gadgets through several protocols. If it’s only capable of communicating via Wi-Fi, but cannot communicate via Bluetooth, you may be disadvantaged when there are bandwidth issues or some interference.

Questions to guide you when choosing a module

There are four important questions that you should ask yourself when making the decision on the module to use for your home automation system.

  1. How fast is it?
  2. Is it wireless?
  3. Does it have a great range?
  4. Does it come integrated in a lot of home automation products?

Compatibility is a key feature of consideration for a module in a home automation system. If your home already has an older x10 system installed, you may want to choose Insteon as the model to use instead of Z-Wave.

The subject of home automation modules can be challenging for an ordinary homeowner who simply wants an automated home. Fortunately, hdhtech.com is a hub of professionals who are able to advise you on the right module to choose from depending on the home automation product you want.

A home automation system for controlling lighting or doors is labelled redundant if it’s not able to communicate remotely with your smartphone or other gadgets. After all, increased functionality and efficiency are the reasons why you installed the automation system in the first place.