Home automation has developed by a huge way in the past few years. The credit to this development goes to improvements in the fields of science and technology. A few years ago, the cost of these home automation systems were quite unaffordable. But nowadays, the cost has come down and hence even middle class people can afford these systems. And when it comes to home automation systems, one of the most popular ones is the security system. These security systems are not only installed in houses, but also in various other types of buildings. Some of the important sections of a security system are:

Always stay notified:

When it comes to modern security systems, the most important thing is that you would be notified if an intruder enters the house even if you are not home. The notification would be sent to you, via your smart phone. The system installed at home would be connected to the internet and hence sending the notification would not be a problem at all. Also if an intruder enters in the middle of the night, all the lights would be turned ON, and this to alert the neighbours.

CCTV surveillance

CCTV cameras are very popular among the people, because of various reasons. One is that they would be able to record footage for 24 hours every day. When it comes to retrieving the footage, it is very simple in the case of a CCTV network. As far as storage is concerned, the system would be able to store the footage of past few days. Also the cameras would be able to record during the night as well. Also the cost of the these cameras and storage units is quite reasonable.