Home automation will transform your home or living space into a smart home that’s controlled by a remote control or smart hub. You will therefore be able to do most task that you’d otherwise have to physically do, with just the touch of a button on your mobile device.

What exactly is the experience of living in a house with true home automation?

Living in a house with true home automation ease the burden of having to physically monitor home aspects such as:

  1. Lighting System

You no longer have to worry about lights that have been left on when you leave for work since you can switch off and on the lights from a touch panel such as a tablet, a smart phone or even a remote control. With light controls such as occupancy sensors, and vacancy sensors, your energy bills will be reduced since these lighting controls, especially occupancy sensors, will only light rooms that have been occupied by family members and leave those that aren’t. Since you don’t need lights in rooms that are not occupied, vacancy sensors will switch off the lights of rooms that have been vacated.

You can as well control your security lights with a motion detector that will light them up when there is an intruder or a trespasser on your lawn or yard. Make sure you choose the right lighting control since there are tons of them in the market today. You can consult a company that deals in home automation.

  1. Home security and privacy system

When you are living in an automated home, you control the security aspect of your home. You can arm and disarm the alarm system in your home, you can grant entry access to your kids when they are from school; you are also in a position to schedule your window blinds to block your windows at your own desired time.

You can as well install windows and doors contacts that let you know when there is a break-in in your home when you’re away from home. The security system also can alert the authorities who will have enough time to respond to the emergency at your home.

  1. Home water and irrigation system

Everything, including water system, can be controlled with home automation technology. With proper home automation installation, your home may unlock potentials you once thought were just a mere unrealistic imagination. You can control your lawn irrigation by using a smart water sprinkler. You can therefore switch off or on the sprinkler just by the touch of a button.

There are other home aspects that can be as well controlled by home automation technology. They are entertainment, climate, temperature, shopping, just to mention a few. With the ever developing technology, everything in your home will be automated so that they work independently.