Video teleconferencing

Video teleconferencing involves visual communication between more than one user from different locations through a video and audio based content transmission. Video teleconferencing has made communication between distant colleagues, partners, family and also friends much easier.

Video teleconferencing however needs some key elements for it to occur efficiently. These key components needed for efficient conduction of a video teleconferencing include;

  • Video conferencing system components
  • Data compression
  • Data transfer
  • Video conferencing standards
  • The type of video

Below is the discussion of the key components that are subject to the working of video conference;

  1. System components

These are key elements that allow video capturing and transferring, text and audio. These components include;

  • Video input

These are more than one cameras or input webcams.

  • Audio output

These are microphones that are either located centrally or possessed by an individual.

  • Video output

These include monitors, projectors, computer screen among others.

  • Audio output

It includes headphones, professional speakers and PC’s speakers.

  • Codec

This is a technology that compresses audio and video information by coding-decoding into digital packets and again decompresses it on the receiver end.

  • Echo cancellation software

It enhances real-time conversation by outdoing audio delays.

  • The compression and transfer of data

After the webcam and the microphone gets to capture the visual and sound signals from the ongoing video conferencing, codecs is used to pack and again unpack the information into digitized packets.

Compression is done since the data is usually a continuous wave that represents depth, sounds, color shades and brightness.

The digital packets are then transferred to relevant users who are also in the video conferencing act and then unpacked and converted back to its original form.


Video teleconferencing is a modernized way of communicating with people all over the world. It involves a series of key components like video conferencing system components, data compression, data transfer among many other key processes for a video conferencing to work effectively. For video teleconferencing and enquiries about the same is the company to address that.