Home automation means stepping into the digital world with a technological solution. People are showing interest of automating their house. Today, we are going to show few positive and negative sides of the home automation to help you make the decision.

Positive Sides

  1. This is the best way to make your life simple and comfortable. It will bring luxury and reduce the difficulties. You can control your entire house without any movement. You just need to install the app on your smart phone or laptop to do that. Shading, heating, entertainment, cooling or lighting everything can be adjusted easily. The flexibility will be increased and tension will be gone.
  2. Home automation definitely increases home security. You can introduce so many devices for a tight security and control them with a single app. Even you are not in your home or away for a vacation, you can still monitor your home. If you accidentally forget to turn off any appliance, lights, binders, etc while leaving the home, you can control that with the app as well.

Negative Sides

  1. Installing a home automation system is complex and costly. Though manufacturers are trying really hard to reduce the cost, but it is still quite expensive. Also, the installation process is little bit complex.
  2. Home automation is definitely giving you freedom, but if your device is hacked then it is going to be a disaster. Very secure network is needed to protect your entire password. Also, there can be different apps for different purposes. If all the apps are not centralized and compatible with each other then, you have to continually log on and off to manage everything.


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