Scheduling a meeting and actually gathering everyone on time to meet face to face is already a thing of the past. While we can argue that this method is still productive, the matter of convenience is compromised. There are so many ways to hold a meeting now, so will sticking to old ways be replaced soon?


In fact, more and more companies these days are shifting to video teleconferencing to hold meetings and talk about important business. This is true especially for big companies with several offices in different cities. They are now more connected than ever—and this is because meetings can be held through video conferences.

Video teleconferencing is an audiovisual method of communication that connects two or more people from anywhere in the world. This is possible with the use of a stable network. Most companies prefer this way of communication because it is easier, efficient and most times cheaper (no travel expenses).

One other benefit of using a video conference service is to include mobile workers into the decision-making. No matter where they are situated, they can attend the meeting in real time. Results are instantaneous because electronic documents can be furnished as soon as the meeting concludes.


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