Holding an event is probably one of the most stressful activities anyone can experience, especially if you are planning from the ground up. There is so much to worry about—one being how to ensure that the guests are equal parts impressed and entertained as they enter the venue.

Having a video wall display can instantly brighten and liven up any event. It’s a sure-fire way to accentuate the look and feel of the location, regardless of the nature of the event, whether it be birthdays, weddings, big sporting affairs and other activities.

However, not many know what this is, or how it is done. Here we look at what a video wall display is, and how it is set up.


A video wall is multi-monitor setup that forms a larger, single looking display. This may consist of multiple TV monitors, television sets, or video projectors that are being overlapped or tiled. The desired effect is a seamless, huge screen that can be controlled either by a hardware (video wall controller) or software (control through a PC).

The video wall system may come in all forms of resolution and sizes, depending on the event and video. Occasions held in big venues like stadiums may need as much as a hundred monitors with ultra-fine displays to project images and videos clearly to the farthest corners. Video walls can also be set up in convention rooms with the thinnest bezels and seamless look for meetings and conferences.


If your event needs a video wall (and it probably does), the best step to take is look for experts who know their way around setting up a video system that is proficient and supports 24/7 serviceability. HDH Tech experts can help from setting up an excellent multi-monitor setup to ensuring that images are precisely displayed.

For any event you want, HDH Intelligent Technologies can fully cater to your requests. Hire them today!