In today’s world, small CCTV cameras may used to detect underground drainage problems in water pipes and sewer lines; electrical faults in cabling systems; and even construction challenges in sites and places that would otherwise take a very long time to realize. This means that these small CCTV cameras are used in fields such as constructions, demolitions, as well as excavation, to detect any problem that could be a drainage problem in water pipes or faults in underground electrical cables.

The uses of these CCTV cameras have eased detection of such problems, giving engineers and workers enough time to do reparatory works. So,

What are the importances of using CCTV inspection in utility locating?

When CCTV inspection is used in utility locating, it comes with advantages such as:

  • CCTV inspection is non-destructive and proactive at the same time

CCTV cameras may be used to detect drainage problems in water and sewer pipes without destroying them in any way. To do this, small, mobile CCTV cameras that are remote controlled are lowered inside such pipes to detect blockage and other drainage issues. The technology collects visual data that is then used to pin point the exact location of the problem.

  • CCTV inspection is accurate and fast

When other utility locating are slow since they take longer time to detect faults and problems, CCTV inspection is very fast and also accurate. The CCTV cameras may be lowered into underground tunnels to detect the drainage problems in water pipes and sewer line; and electrical issues in underground cabling systems, in just a matter of minutes. Since this method uses visual data, engineers will be able to assess the situation faster because they will have a live CCTV inspection feed of the exact location of the problem.

CCTV cameras inspection may also be used to detect concealed objects such as those inside a wall, in construction sites. Workers will therefore take precautionary measures when demolishing buildings or any other structures. Relying in the CCTV inspection has advantages of saving time because it pin points the exact location of a problem in a short period of time.

When you are dealing with issues like utility locating, consult companies that provide CCTV inspection services that will allow you to accurately pin point the exact location of the problem.