Everyone would desire to own a house and also they would like their house to look good. one other thing that is as important as the visual attractiveness is the comfort. This means that a house that needs to be comfortable in every way. And Home automation systems are capable of making our home extremely comfortable. In fact, these systems would be able to make life much easier for us. These systems were not affordable as far as common middle class people were concerned. But now, the cost has come done by a large huge margin and hence everyone can purchase these systems.

Lighting control:

This is perhaps the most popular home automation system. The control to all the lights in the house are centralised and the residents would be able to operate the lights even from his or her smart phone. The lights can be operated at different brightness levels according to the need. All these makes sure that electrical energy is not wasted at all. Hence money is saved indirectly. The life of the light bulbs would also be improved because of the fact that they are used only when required.

Security system:

These days, almost all houses have this system installed in them. Unlike earlier security systems, these days, the security systems are very advanced and the residents can have multiple levels of security. Also if someone intrudes into your house when you are away, you would be notified via your smart phone. also the lighting system in the house would be clubbed with the security system and hence all the lights would be turned on when an intruder enters. So the neighbourhood would be notified.