The security of a home or a business property is very important. CCTV cameras can enhance your security and offer protection to people as well as valuable contents in a premise.  Since every home or business requires different levels of protection for protection, the CCTV cameras also come with varying levels of security features.  There are large commercial surveillance systems used in industries, shops, and commercial buildings; these are mostly different from the CCTV cameras that are used for homes.

Outdoor CCTV Cameras for Homes

Outdoor CCTVs are the most fitting surveillance system for homeowners as they are quick and easy to install and are also more affordable.  They are different from the systems that are used internally in terms of the surveillance technology that they use and their installation.

Types of Outdoor CCTV Cameras

The most popular outdoor CCTV camera for homes sold at is the wireless outdoor camera. This offers an intensive level of security; 24-hour monitoring and recording and are mostly used in homes with extensive gardens or large homes. These cameras are more flexible than other types of CCTV cameras. They can be linked with other cameras for a comprehensive surveillance and can monitor expansive spaces at any one time.

Another popular outdoor CCTV camera is the hidden spy camera. This is a more discreet and cheaper camera than the wireless type and is also a lot easier to install. Installation of this camera is made easy by the virtue that it uses battery power. Although this camera doesn’t have a wide surveillance capability compared to the larger cameras, recommends it for surveillance of outbuildings, gardens, and garages.

The compact motion sensor camera is yet another option for homeowners looking for surveillance systems on a budget. This type of camera is also discreet, and although it doesn’t offer 24-hour surveillance, it detects motion and can alert you of intruders.