Communication has gone a long way, with the advancement of technology. People communicating with relatives or family members abroad, is not common sight 10 to 20 tears ago. People content with the traditional sending mails thru the post office.  It would took people week or more, to be able to send and receive one, depending on there location.

Those days are gone now. With latest technology at hand, communication is very accessible.  With introduction of Ipad, smart phones and other gadgets, communicating with someone,  thousands of miles away, is made possible by just clicking a botton.

Here some examples of an endless possibility, brought by video communication.

Educational Field Trips. Visiting manufacturing facilities or a power plant, is a favorite destination for student on educational tour. It there way of gaining important information, about the industry. Or way of obtaining firsthand knowledge, of how the plant operates.  That is all a thing of the past now.With video conferencing, they can be tour around the complex, and conduct interviews with important individuals, in the comfort of their classrooms. Video call technology, allows people to go beyond its limitation in terms of money, time and logistics.  With this technology, everything is made possible in communication and learning.

Experts and Specialist within your reach. This is another milestone in communication technology. Students and learners alike are now able to learn or hear first hand, from the experts. They have the opportunity, to discuss things with people, in their field of interest, even thousands of miles away from them.

Exchange of Information. In the educational industry, video conference, gives teachers the rare opportunity, to exchange knowledge, with fellow teachers in other institutions.  They are also a good tool for teachers, to be able to communicate with parents, to discuss any concerns regarding the students.

Classroom Conference. This technology, paves way for a more challenging exchange of knowledge, between students from different countries.  A class of Asian students, can discuss ideas, with students from the U.S.

What is mentioned above are the endless possibilities, voice conferencing has opened, in the education industry.   What about the employment industry, manufacturing industry and most industries in the world. Video conferencing has created an endless opportunity in them.