Nowadays almost every single house is equipped with various automated systems. These automated systems range from the entertainment systems to the security systems. All these are developed with the aim of enhancing our way of life. Also another aim is to increase the level of security. But there is a very important and widespread argument that these developments in technology have led to various new forms of security breach.

A fully automated house can be controlled from outside:

This very statement has a very critical problem, it is the fact that since almost everything inside a house can be controlled with the help of a mobile phone or a laptop, then it means that a person need not even enter the house to cause a security breach. This sounds very frightening, but the fact is that all the systems that are used have multiple passwords and multiple levels of security. At the same time, it is not impossible to get through and take control of these systems.

Problems of an automated security system:

An automated security system would have an automatic dialler which would call a particular number when a security breach occurs. But the problem is that if the security breach occurs at a time when there is no signal for the cellular service in the area, then the call will not be completed.

Also there are systems that would automatically switch on the lights inside the house when a person enters the house during the night time. But the problem is that professional thieves would know how to evade being detected by the sensors.

Automatic entertainment system:

Since almost every feature inside the house is controlled by a central command system which is a computer, the entire cluster of systems would go down if a virus or malware attacks the central computer. this is very much possible because the control system is connected to the internet via WIFI.