A security system is a device that will protect your house while you are away. By letting know to a security enforcer that something is going on in your house when a burglar breaks in. It’s usually a reliable way to protect your valuables. But it doesn’t stop 100% of all the damage from being done to your property.

An automated security system is whole different game. HDH Tech can provide with high top technology to protect your property in the city of New York. Why you need this? Glad you asked. Imagine for a moment that you’ve left your house. Ann app in your smartphone is going to lock it safe and sound. It will activate monitors, locks and sensors that will be as vigilant as the most professional police officer.

If an intruder decided to break in anyway, you have several tools at your disposal to defend your place before calling the cops. A flip of a switch in your app and your house can be brought to life to or show the robber he’s being watched. Even if he just approaches your property!

How does it work?

Picture for a moment you are at work or in a meeting. If your property is approached in a way that may seem risky, your smartphone will let you know something is going on. You can take action by yourself before calling law enforcement. Just activate one of the house devices to offer signs of human presence in your home to the assailant. Turning up the lights in the living room, the music, or the TV will make them go away.

The crook went away! Now what do I do?

If you have a solid security system it will communicate you of every attempt to your property. Once you’ve driven the thief away stay vigilant. There will be no need to call the police if the assailant doesn’t come back. But if he does you will need the backup of the law. Never discard the option. Just make use of it if necessary.