Hdhtech.com is a hub for affordable home automation systems that can help you save time, energy and make living more enjoyable. The following are ideas for smart home systems that use IoT based mobile applications.

  1. Water and Waste Management

Have you ever been to an airport restroom or shopping mall with sensor-enabled flushes and taps that will turn on without physical contact? Mobile-application based commanders and planners will soon make it possible to automate cleaning a home swimming pool, setting the Jacuzzi and water heating or cooling at home. Further, waste segregation, disposal, and recycling can be managed using the mobile application planners.

  1. Security

Mobile applications interconnected with security systems like the CCTV enable homeowners to monitor visitors through their smartphones in real-time. Users can also store all the recordings remotely. If a visitor comes to the home when no one is around, the owner can view their activities remotely, talk to them and even set off a theft alarm or complete lockdown simply with a mobile application that uses the beacon technology.

  1. Media

Perhaps in a few years, TVs will become obsolete due to the availability of high-speed internet, websites and mobile applications that stream TV series, and television shows even right from production houses. Smartphones and smart TVs also seemed like a dream before they became a reality, so brace yourself for beacons and sensors that will soon replace your bulky gadgets.

  1. Kitchen appliances

A new home automation system that may soon make entry into the market and see all of us excited here at Hdhtech.com is the mobile application controlled refrigerator. This can make orders for you when alerted of fridge contents nearing expiry and those that are almost being depleted. With the application, you can also program other gadgets in your kitchen; for instance, set the oven to begin cooking before you get home.

  1. Lighting and ventilation

A number of homes are already using mobile-based application systems that enable them to set the mood of their home before they wake up or get home from work. You can turn on warm lights, turn the HVAC system to cool your home and turn off music all from your phone while still at work.