Many homeowners come to us at excited to acquire a home automation system but oblivious of what this really is. A home automation system is where technology is used to network and harmonize all smart appliances in a home, making it possible to control everything remotely or fro one centralized control point.

A home automation system automatically makes your residence a smart home. You can set up reminders and schedule how and when different gadgets begin to run. This gives you increased convenience, money saving and also better control of your home.

Enhanced security

Home automation systems offer better security for your home. From cameras that are able to give access based on face recognition, to sensors that can detect water leak or a critical amount of grocery in the refrigerator, the system will keep your home in check such that you’re alerted before anything goes out of hand.


Cameras have for many years been used in enhancing the security of homes and business premises. The latest advancements in the optics, sensors and other special features such as real-time remote viewing of property have only made these gadgets more superior in terms of the level of security they offer. With the click of a mouse on your laptop, you can zoom, rotate, and reposition snap photos and record different views of your home from inside your house or in your office. The camera features like motion sensing and even being triggered to take pictures when it senses motion have only made these gadgets more powerful and convenient in safeguarding properties.


Imagine being able to set the mood of our home before you get home from work. You can put on warm light, soft music, fill the bathtub with warm water and turn on your TV even when miles away from your home. This type of automation will not just provide overall convenience for you but will also help you save money.