Audio compression is the process of controlling the loudest and the quietest part of an audio signal.  This is possible thru boosting the quieter signals and attenuating the louder ones. Some of the controls that is available in compression are the threshold, ratio, attack, release, knee, make-up gain and the output.  These are the controls used in the compression of audio.

Types of compression

Below are several types of compression:

  1. VCA Compression- VCA stands for Voltage Controlled Amplifier. This type of compressor used an integrated circuit to produce a very accurate control on the audio.  There is less distortion in this type, which makes it an ideal for many tasks.
  2. Opto Compression- This type uses a light sensitive circuit that is used to control compression. This compression is best for vocals and mixing compression.
  3. FET Compression – This type of compression uses transistors in immolating a valve sound. This type is best for vocals and for drums compression.
  4. Valve Compression- this type of compression uses valve in its circuit, to produce the desired sound.

Reasons in using compression in your audio

  1. One reason is to control the volume of your audio. It is the best way to give the listener a chance to hear a vocal that is not distorted and easily understood.
  2. The other reason is giving the listener the chance, to hear more of the tail of the track.
  3. Compression is sometimes used to uplift the energy of the audio or the track.

Learning more about compression technology

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