Sometimes installing a CCTV at home and workplace can look expensive but the benefits it provides are much more than its cost. You will get mental peace as well as the opportunity to monitor everything happening in your surrounding area. Today, various renowned companies like HDH Tech have come up with so many options that you can easily find the one suitable for you and in your budget.

Connectivity Options

CCTV camera systems are available with various connectivity options. You can go for a wired or wireless one depending on your security needs. Both have their advantages and disadvantages:

·         Wired CCTV

These are best for outdoors and should be connected to the existing recording setup and other recording parts via cables, but it can be hard to install them and this makes them expensive.

·         Wireless CCTV

These CCTV cameras transmit the footage wirelessly. They can be easily installed and costs less, but the broadcast of these wireless CCTV cameras can be easily affected by environmental conditions.

Lens and Camera Options

To monitor remotely, CCTV cameras available in the market provide various lens and camera options. This also depends upon your preference and requirements that with which one you want to go.

·         High Resolution

A high-resolution CCTV camera offers detailed image capturing and clear monitoring. A high-resolution CCTV camera is expensive in comparison to others.

·         Lens Angle

A lens angle is the amount of area covered by a CCTV camera and is measured in millimeters. Large mm lenses denote a smaller view field whereas smaller mm lenses mean a wider view field.

·         Light Sensitivity

The CCTV cameras are made to suit various sensitivities and this is normally measured in Lux. You should go for that Lux specification which gives you the best results.