There are many sections where a company will have to spend a lot of money without any return. One such section is the process of conduction conferences. But these conferences cannot be avoided because this is where the strategies of marketing and production are devised. Also if a problem occurs in the company, the executives would have to discuss in order to solve the problem. But these days these conferences are replaced by teleconferencing. There are numerous advantages to these teleconferencing such as reduction in the cost, saves a lot of time, does not require a venue etc.

What is audio teleconferencing?

This is the popular choice as far as companies are concerned. This is nothing but a simple conference call between the employees. But the call will be controlled in order to avoid cross talks. In some cases this is used to provide instructions to the employees. The advantage is that participant needs just a phone for making the call. Also the costs associated with such conferences is very low when compared to other forms of conferencing.

Video teleconferencing:

This is the next level of audio teleconferencing. All the features are same as the audio conferencing but there would be video streaming as well. The participants would require a device with a camera and an internet connection. These days the technology has improved and hence the participants can used various tools like charts and graphs in the midst of their conferencing. The advantage is that all the features of a conventional conference is also there in a video conference but at the same time the cost required to conduct one is very low.