What would happen if all the devices in your life could connect to the Internet? Can these devices communicate, send you information and receive your orders? Science is not fiction This is an important part of Internet Things (IoT), home automation and smart homes.

Home automation is exactly what it seems: Automate the control of goods in the home (window curtains even for pet feeders) by simply pressing the button (or voice command).

What is the best home automation?

Since 2010, we have compiled a list of the most professional home automation systems and we have listed them in different categories. After our recent search, we believe that Smart Automation Systems was one of the best options because its systems are more compatible with the products than any other company we analyzed.

The system seamlessly integrates software and hardware without the intensive programming of the distributor, which reduces installation costs. This system can be extended by a distributor with changing needs.

Another wonderful company is Savant. Attractive, slim and shiny system, similar to Apple products.

What is expected of professional home automation system?

A residential automation system installed professionally is a serious investment for you. Our research has shown how you can improve your expectations to find the best system for you.

Seamless compatibility

When working with a distributor, they understand the products that work in advance and then offer different systems to meet specific requirements.

Resources for customer training

The home automation companies provide case studies, brochures and exhibitions to show the various projects in which technology plays an important role. To understand what the system can do, we look at the windows provided by each company. Companies that have a detailed explanation and many examples occupy higher positions than those that show images of completed projects.