When it comes to surveillance systems, the most used system is the CCTV camera. Earlier installing such a system was highly expensive and at the same time was somewhat ineffective. But today, capturing and storing videos for future reference has become very efficient, thanks to the developments in science and technology. In the UK an average person is watched through by a camera for at least 300 times. So there is no doubt that these systems are a milestone in the field of surveillance. All the footage recorded by these cameras is also stored for a specified number of days and this is for any future reference.

What are the advantages?

The meagre thought that you are being watched would bring in a sense of caution in every person. So there is no doubt that these CCTV security systems have helped in reducing the crime rates by a fair margin.

Whenever a crime happens it is more likely that it is recorded by at least one camera. Hence this footage can be brought out as strong evidence against the culprit. So most criminals will abandon the idea of committing a crime because they know that they are under the surveillance of a camera.

Also in certain cases the authorities can deploy necessary action only if they are notified about the incident on time. This is achieved by these camera surveillance systems. Also the police will be able to know the intensity of the incident and hence would have an idea about how many policemen to send.

Also in certain institutions like schools all kinds of malpractices can be avoided using these systems. One can find numerous sites that offer information about CCTV cameras like the HDHtech.com

Some disadvantages:

Just like every system, this surveillance system too has flaws. The criminal can study the angles and the time of sweeping of the camera and then plan the crime accordingly.

Also there are various methods to blind the cameras and also in some extreme cases the criminals have also managed to hack into the system and then disable it from within.