When it comes to the home automation, a large number of advancements have happened in the past few years. Computers with large processing capacities are now available in very small sizes and hence a home automation system will have its own processing unit and would be very efficient as well. The advantage is that almost everything in your house can be controlled easily which includes the entertainment system, the lights, the security system etc. The modern automation systems are one touch systems and this means that everything can be controlled from a central location. Earlier these home automation systems were extremely expensive but these days these systems are available at moderate costs.

The whole house can be integrated

The idea behind home automation is integration of the entire building. For example, when you reach at your gate, then you can use your mobile to command the gate to open. There is no need to physically get out of the vehicle in order to open the gate. Then you can walk up to the front door and once again use your phone to disable the alarm system. Once you do this, the lights in the house’s hall would switch on. Such a one touch automation solution can be used by any family member since the usage is very simple.

A Network for the whole house:

There are many sites on the internet that can install a home automation system in your house. A network would be set up that would connect various devices in the house like telephone, TV, the home theatre, mobile phones etc. One reputed site that is famous for setting up efficient home automation systems is Hdhtech.com

The security feature:

Security is probably the field where home automation can play the most important role. Your house can have a security system that has multiple levels. The highest breach would result in sending a distress signal to the nearby police authorities.