Interior and exterior should both look good in the case of a house. Windows are very important when it comes to the appearance of a room, both the interior and the exterior. And when it comes to windows, tall windows are the best. Such windows have the capability to give the room a classy appearance.  But maintaining a tall window would not be a very simple task at all. Here are some ideas when it comes to window treatments for tall windows.

Using drapery:

The most popular process of treating a tall window is to dress with drapery. The thing is that you should choose drapery hardware that are large. If you choose small hardware then the window would not be highlighted properly. Valances and tie backs can also be used to style the drapery.

Roman shades:

In the case of tall windows, the need for shades is very high. The best choice would be roman shades. Both drapery and roman shades can be used together. This would give the room a complex look.

Cellular shades:

These shades have an added advantage that they can allow light inside the room without sacrificing the privacy of the residents. Modern cellular shades can be opened top down and also bottom up.

Make sure that you install motorised shades:

In the case of tall windows, manually operating window blinds would be a very difficult process. Hence there needs to be a motor installed so that you can operate the blinds automatically from your smart phone. Also in certain systems, the home automation system would be able to operate the blinds automatically depending on the requirement of light inside the room.