Home automation systems have made it possible to controls home aspects such as the HVAC and lighting systems through the use of smart controls. The smart controls are just devices which are used to control home aspects such as lighting, the HVAC and security from anywhere in the world, without any human intervention or interference.

This means that you too can control your HVAC and lighting system by using smart controls. What are some of the smart controls which could be used to control the lighting and HVAC systems of homes?

  • HVAC smart controls

HVAC systems includes heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. The HVAC technology is used to regulate thermal conditions of buildings of various sizes and models. Thermostats are a common smart device which could be used to control a building’s temperature and air circulation. Thermostats could be connected to home networks such as Wi-Fi or LAN and controlled remotely using a smart hub such as a smartphone or a tablet.

Home air conditioning could also be controlled by control valves and timers. With an intelligent smart devices integration, you could transform your home into a living paradise that is everyone’s dream house.

  • Smart Lighting controls

There are a lot of smart lighting controls that will save you from the headache of having to physically switch on/off your lights. From timers or schedulers to smart lighting control devices that operate on their own, you could light up your home in just a matter of seconds.

You could install occupancy and vacancy sensors which will switch on/off the lights automatically as soon as someone walks in a room. The occupancy and vacancy sensors could be placed on ceiling or walls. Occupancy sensors detects presence of people in a room and then it switches on the lights. Vacancy sensors detects absence then it automatically switches off the lights. You don’t have to worry about any lights that could have been left on.

For security lights, you could install motion detectors which switches on the lights when they sense movements nearby. For your streetlights, you could use timers or photo detectors which switches the lights on/off depending on the availability of natural lights.