CCTV video camera surveillance systems are the most effective tools in fighting and preventing incidents of theft, robbery and break-ins. They transmit signals to notified places and are commonly used in public buildings and offices like banks, airports, railway stations and other areas where lapse of security can cause immense damage to life and property.

CCTV surveillance systems are being more demanded these days due to the increased incidence of terrorism and public unrest. The system helps in identifying the culprits easily. The system is being increasingly used by police, crime detection agencies and property owners to detect possible danger of attack or robbery.

Security Camera or CCTV on digital background

These systems provide a wholesome view of the entire neighborhood by beaming images and video footage to central control room continuously. It acts as a great tool to both prevent as well as detect offenders from perpetrating crimes.

Statistics indicate a high growth rate in crime reduction and solving incidents of dacoity, arson and looting with the usage of cctv surveillance systems. A Scandinavian study conducted in 2017 disclosed that crime in public streets and urban places has recorded a 24-28% fall due to the use of cctv surveillance system. This goes to prove the useful of the system as a preventive tool.

CCTV surveillance system is of great help in solving crimes. It is an effective tool for police and crime detection agencies across the world. The video footage from scene of crime comes handy in reconstructing the entire crime and narrowing down to the possible offenders.

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