At this point where entertainment comes in the form of audiovisual shows, the television is deemed a must in any home. With just a few taps of the remote control, you can watch anything from drams to documentaries, and everything in between. You can virtually travel anywhere while just sitting in front of your TV.

remote control

This convenience has prompted manufacturers to create TV sets that range in sizes and styles. Different TV monitors with specifications like HD, LED, OLED, 4K and more have swarmed the market, and lately it has been harder to choose the one that fits your home.


One of the growing styles of TV monitors is the one that adds an innovative and classy twist—the hidden or vanishing TV. Some are set up like a mirror, with a look that fits flat surfaces seamlessly. There are also some that roll out from its case when you want to watch anything.

Now, if your home has one, imagine the surprise on your guest’s faces when they find out unsuspectingly about your vanishing TV! It’s the perfect addition to any room, and can also fit even the bathroom—entertainment anywhere, anytime.


HDH Tech is the leading innovative company that has over 30 years of experience in home automation.  Their Zero G Rollable Television is one novel installation that augments the luxurious charm of any home. It’s also a smart way to provide entertainment to family members and guests.

Surely, there is beauty in crafting an impressive entertainment system for your home that matches your taste, and all of this is possible with technological solutions from HDH. They can customize any installation that you prefer for your abode, all at your convenience.