If you have been out shopping for home appliances or devices, chances are you may have encountered smart home automation devices and the many possibilities they unlock. These are mainly network-connected devices with the ability to be controlled remotely as well as based on timers and sensors. However, this enables a wide range of functionality that you can add to your home. Let us take a look at a few ways in which you can take advantage of home automation.

Transform your room at the touch of a button

Since the different home automation devices can be interlinked, it is quite easy to define a custom function consisting of different commands to different devices and appliances. For example, you can set a custom function to prepare your home while you go to bed, wherein all the main locks are locked, the lights are turned off, devices such as TV and music system are switched off and air conditioning set at a lower temperature. Similarly, a movie mode can be set to automatically shut powered curtains or blinds, turn on TV and music system and dim the lights.

Enhanced functionality for security systems

Today’s internet-connected smart security systems are vastly superior to isolated security systems. Many internet-connected security cameras allow you to monitor the feed from anywhere via the Internet. Many security systems also have the feature to alert you via an email or SMS if any anomaly is detected while you are away.

Centralised monitoring

Many smart appliances which use a common protocol can be monitored and controlled via a central hub. You can check the status of all the connected devices and whether they are performing correctly from the central hub, without having to check on each device individually. This is much more convenient and also saves time.

Increased efficiency

Smart home devices can be easily programmed to turn off when not needed based on timers or sensor information. You can also link devices such as programming the blinds to block sunlight when you turn on air conditioning. This enables you to cut your energy wastage.