Automation is a term used in reference to control systems which automate different workflows. Automatic is the word from which the term automation emerged. Automation technology is nothing new to the world. It is in existence from certain decades and from the year 1947, the automation technology is only rising. Most industries in developed countries and some leading industries in developing nations have control systems installed. This minimizes the efforts used in manual labor and enhances the efficiency and precision. A big reason for the popularity of automated machines from is their preciseness.

Home Automation

In last few years, many people in the world have understood the benefits of a control system and as a result, it has gained popularity. Various activities of home can be regulated with automated sensors and devices. For example, the automatic security alarms which are controlled by sensors have great importance. The home automation’s future is a smart home in which maximum work is managed by robots.

All the work of the house whether it is cooking, entertainment, gas system, electric system, security, and plumbing can be automated via wireless system. In short, home automation can successfully run most indoor operations of a house. As there are plenty of options available in the market, so you can choose the one suitable to you and meets all your requirements.

Industrial Automation

Industrial automation is not just a two-words term, it is a very big thing and usually used in controlling production process. Mostly important processes like material handling and manufacturing are included in industrial automation. In it, humans are replaced with mechanical systems which run the complete production process of an industry. The technology has so much advanced that an automated system in an industry can take decisions on the manager’s behalf. For example, industrial robotics which are an element of industrial automated system can perform various manufacturing processes.

The use of human labor in an industry is decreasing with time and very soon automated systems are expected to replace humans completely in an industry. There are numerous advantages and very few disadvantages of automation. Therefore, production can be increased and human errors can be decreased.