Occupancy sensors detect motion from room occupants and then automatically turn on the lights. They will let you know which room is occupied by either family members or friends, and which room isn’t occupied. There are advantages of using these devices in your smart homes.

  1. Energy Efficiency

These devices will assist you keep your home energy consumption bills in check and balance. Installing wall switch occupancy sensors on all your rooms will   control the lighting system of your smart home since they will only light rooms that are occupied and leave those that aren’t occupied by anyone. This will help reduce your monthly bills because the bill from energy consumption will be reduced to significant level. Reducing energy consumption isn’t just good for you alone but also the whole world as well.

  1. Versatility

Well, most people will assume that occupancy sensors can only be used to control the lighting system is a smart home. What you don’t know is you can as well use them to control other electrical appliances such as toasters, fan and coffee maker that are plugged in to an outlet that is controlled by a light witch. So, the use of occupancy sensors can be diversified to perform other tasks.

  1. Convenience

Using these overlooked devices is very helpful. They detect motion in rooms and automatically turn on the lights when there is a room occupant. Sometimes, you might be moving from one room to another with your hands full, making it hard for you to switch the lights on or off. You could also be getting into a hall way that has the light switch far away from you.

In the above scenarios, you will have to physically switch on the lights of the room you are in or getting into. But with the occupancy sensors, the lights will turn on automatically when you get into a room and turn off when you leave, so you don’t have to do it by yourself. So using these devices gives you convenience in your smart home.

  1. Ensures safety and security

You are much safer and secure when you install occupancy sensors in your rooms since they will always automatically turn on the lights the moment you get into a room, thereby reducing your chances of running into something on your way or tripping on something. Assuming that you are the only person at home or you know the whereabouts of everyone and the lights of a room suddenly turn on, you will be alerted that at least you have got company. You will therefore be able to act on time.

  1. Cost effective

We have already seen that these devices reduce your energy utility bill. Apart from that, they also reduce your lighting expenses and maintenance cost since they will control the amount of time your light bulbs stay on, thereby extending their life. You won’t have to replace your light bulbs or fluorescent tubes more often than you would when you didn’t have the occupancy sensors controllers.