CCTV cameras are now a common feature in every structure.  They are installed in every commercial or residential building.  It is now also installed in every roads and highways.  It is a common belief that it will deter the commission of crimes.  It became a requirement for every establishment to be able to operate.

CCTV Camera as crime prevention

Being installed in every streets and highways, it is expected to prevent crimes.  However, base on facts and news footage, CCTV Camera, does not at all prevent crimes from happening.  Crimes still happens and the irony is that, it happens in front of the CCTV Cameras.  Crimes are recorded by the CCTV, but, still they are committed.  Maybe, because of the absent of monitoring system that will immediately alert the police if such an incident happens.

CCTV Cameras as crime detection and prosecution

As mentioned earlier, CCTV Cameras does not prevent crime from being committed, but, it helps in detecting crimes and bringing the criminals to prosecution.  As CCTV Cameras recorded every situation in its scope, it is easier now to identify suspects and the circumstances that occurred, to be able to succeed in prosecuting criminals.

How do we get the best CCTV for our commercial buildings?

Choosing the best company that will help you designed your CCTV system that fits your requirement and budget, is an uphill task.  There are several of them in the market and be sure to research for the company that will give you a complete package.

HDH Technology is one of those companies that will help you from the start to finish.  All you need to do is consult them on your requirements and they will be willing to produce a package, fit to your needs.  You can get in touch with them after you visit them at and talk to their representative.