TV is not only an adornment of your living room but as it has moved to your bedroom, it can also make its place in your bathroom. Have you ever thought of it? If not, this is your new food for thought. TVs have already gained access to your bathrooms in the form of vanishing vanity TV mirrors. A smart home installation company like Savant NJ has introduced many mirror TVs to make your bathroom time luxurious. Due to this vanity mirror TV, provided by Savant smart home company NYC, you don’t have to search for newspaper, or smartphone to take them to the bathroom, as you surely don’t want to get bored there.

What is a vanity mirror TV?

Vanity mirror TV is a marvelous invention of savant home automation CT that combines the advanced level of your regular TV and the mirror. Another magical aspect of vanity mirror TV s that it is such designed, by a smart home installation company NYC, that TV is completely hidden behind the mirror and you don’t know about it when it is turned off, and the vanishing glass provides amazing mirror reflectivity. When you turn it on, the TV appears in the mirror.

The vanity mirror TV is an excellent example of a waterproof TV. Only a Savant smart home company NJ can manufacture a vanity mirror TV because it is different from regular TVs, as a regular TV is not designed to withstand moisture, steam, and humidity, whereas the products of savant home automation CT, a vanity mirror TV comes with anti-fogging features, along with being waterproof. This feature enables it to make your bath time experience wonderful.

Another astonishing feature of vanity mirror TV is that you don’t have to accommodate a shelf or cabinets for holding the cable box or TV set. You can mount on any wall, at many angles, the place that best suits your view. As not all bathrooms are as huge as a living room, a vanity mirror TV, designed by a smart home company NYC, is designed by keeping all the considerations into account. Moreover, smart home installation company NJ; also doesn’t want you to compromise on the aesthetics of your bathroom.

As the vanity mirror TV is waterproof, so does its remote, because how are you going to watch what you want without any remote or controller and more importantly, without any waterproof remote. That is why savant home automation CT, has brought to you a waterproof remote to control what you can watch while enjoying your pamper time. Moreover, the vanity mirror TV also features an invisible clock. When you enter the bathroom, the clock shows up and you leave, the clock disappears.

Vanity mirror TV, by smart home installation company NYC, features great design, and performance. In terms of sound, you don’t have to worry about buying good-quality speakers, or making space to place speakers that would provide you great sound in your bath time. The reason is that smart home company NJ provides vanity mirror TV that comes with built-in speakers for you to enjoy your TV anywhere, anytime.

With vanity mirror TV from a smart home installation company, you have immediate access to your favorite TV shows, news, movies and you will not miss any of these. Sound, quality resolution, aesthetics, performance, all these are key features that you must look for while buying a vanity mirror TV from a smart home company.

A smart home installation company like HDH provides you a wide range of vanity mirror TVs so that you can buy the one that best suits you. Moreover, don’t worry about installation as everything will be at your service in no time. Just enjoy the experience of aesthetically appealing and high-quality vanity mirror TV in your bathroom. 

Why HDH?

HDH is a smart home installation company NYC that provides the best solutions to home automation. With 30 years of experience, HDH, a smart home company NJ, provides you advanced products that make your home and office fully automated making your life easy and wonderful. Along with providing products, HDH installs everything exactly the way it suits you. To get services of this smart home company CT, you can call at 1(855)850-3808.