Innovations of our latest technology keep us more convenient from time to time. As new gadgets and high definition cameras are being enhanced by different companies nowadays, the security in our homes and business establishments can now be assured as security and surveillance cameras are being developed. These cameras are invented to record any behaviors or actions in an establishment or even at home for the purpose of closed security and protection of property.

Things to consider: 

There are a lot of security and surveillance cameras offered in the market. But how will we know which among all those brands fit your house or business the most? First, we have to know where are you going to mount the camera? Is it for home and property security or for business establishment? Residential surveillance cameras are in demand in the market nowadays to assure the protection of every clients’ home, family, assets and property either from fire, flood or even theft and robbery. Most of these cameras nowadays can now be tracked anywhere you go. Now you can view your residence even on your smartphones.


Business or commercial surveillance cameras are used by a lot establishments to secure their products from theft and to assure that every transactions made are complete and authorize. These cameras are used not only for close monitoring of every customers but as well as for the protection of every working employee.

Residential surveillance cameras are highly suggested to be placed at the entrance, garage, kitchen, living room and areas that can cover the hallways and staircase. While for commercial surveillance cameras, it is also highly suggested to mount cameras at the entrance/exit, elevators or staircase and different workstations or corners of the office where most of the employees work. This serves as the protection of employees and the employer as well. It can also help the owner to monitor the attendance and performance of every employee.

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