The technological developments are helping to create gadgets that look similar to science fiction films. The latest example of such a development is Vanishing TV Mirror. This gadget looks and functions similar to a mirror when switched off but when you turn it on, it behaves like a TV. In other words, vanishing TV mirrors are TVs when active and mirrors when inactive.

How is it possible?

Yes, when you turn it on, the mirror transforms into a TV screen. It is seen that normal mirrors come with an opaque back but for these TVs, special mirrors are used. They are equipped with superior reflecting technology and polarizes the light in a special manner. An LCD display reflects an already polarized light and the incorrect polarization can lead to cancellation of all the light. Thus, certain manufacturers like HDH Tech follow critical methods and manufactures Vanishing TV Mirrors.

Extraordinary Aesthetics

The Vanishing TV Mirror, when placed in an area, beautifies it, gives it an extremely beautiful look. The traditional televisions were built to be used as only TVs but the Vanishing TV Mirrors can be used for multiple purposes – TV, mirror, and a decorative piece. Another big advantage of Vanishing TV Mirror is that you can go for the frame of your choice. This is not possible in a traditional kind of TV but with different frames, a Vanishing TV Mirror is nothing less than an art piece.


Whether the Vanishing TV Mirror is in the home or office, one thing is sure that it enhances the looks of the area where it is placed. Since it can be used as a TV, mirror, and an art piece, it serves multiple purposes and saves a lot of space.