There are situations when you return to your home in night and find out that your home is completely dark. No lights are turned-on because when you left the home, you turned-off all the lights. This is a good step to conserve energy but in night, before even stepping in the house, lighting is necessary. The innovative solutions from have made it easy to turn on the lights of your home before entering. Now, with the help of internet on your computer or Wi-Fi handheld devices, you can turn on the lights of any area of your home.

How home lights are set up?

These automatic home lights require internet service to work and in today’s time maximum of the homes have access to internet services. All you should do is connect the automation controller with the existing router through Ethernet cable. The automation controller should also be connected with a power outlet. Then the lamp of the room, porch or anywhere in the house is connected to other smart module and that module is plugged into power outlet. Only this is required for setting up the system.

Now, you can control the lights at your home wirelessly from the computer placed anywhere in the house. These lights can also be controlled through internet from thousands of kilometres away. If you have a web-enabled phone, you can control the lights of your home from that also.

How is it possible?

This is possible because of the technology used in it. The technology transmits instructions wirelessly which are followed by electricity power lines installed in the house. The key is coordination, everything should work together. There are many automatic lighting systems available in the market today which are made to do the task efficiently.

To check the functionality of these lights, you can dim the lights with the help of controller. You can instruct the controller to turn-on or turn-off the lights of your home when you are away. You can also instruct it to automatically turn-on the lights at sunset and turn-off during sunrise.