No one enjoys paying huge utility bills. You can help reduce your overall utility bills by taking measures that will reduce your lighting costs. There are a few tips you could use to help reduce your lighting costs. These tips are:

  • Install dimmers

Dimmers wok by reducing the amount of electricity a light bulb uses by reducing its wattage. This helps save your electricity bill which will in turn reduce your lighting expenses. When the bulbs wattage is reduced, its life span is also increased. You will therefore not have to replace your light bulbs more frequently. This also helps reduce your lighting costs since your bulbs will server you longer without any sooner bulb replacement.

  • Install Motion detectors

Motion sensors or detectors can be used to control security lights so that they are lit only when they are triggered to light. This way, your electricity bills will be kept lower since the lights will be switched on only when they are needed. You can as well use other lighting controls such as timers and photosensors to help control the lighting of the security lights. These lighting controls will only switch on the lights when they are needed. This way, you will be saving a lot on your lighting expenses.

  • Use lamps

Electrical lamps provide ample lights at much lower costs. When you want to read or use a sewing machine, there’s no point of using an overhead light. You can use a lamp that provides a focused light to perform such task as bedtime reading or sewing.

  • Avoid multiple fitting

The more bulbs you have, the more your lighting expenses are going to be. Avoid fitting multiple bulbs in a single room. One bulb that saves energy is enough.