As technology advances, we are getting closer and closer to gadgets that look closer to the science fiction movies of yesteryears. One such example is vanishing TV mirror. This gadget is basically a TV placed behind a mirror. When the TV is turned off, the mirror looks just like an inconspicuous mirror without much else to it. But once you turn on the television, the mirror transforms into a screen. For this purpose, certain special mirrors have to be used since normal mirrors have an opaque backing. These mirrors use special reflecting technology and are also oriented to polarize the light in a certain way. The light from an LCD screen is already polarised, and incorrect polarisation orientation can cancel out all light. Hence, such setups are specially made by certain manufacturers, though it is possible to DIY such a setup as long as you can get the right components. Let us take a look at the applications of such a vanishing TV mirror setup.

Unmatched aesthetics

A vanishing TV setup can be used artistically to create a unique artistic look. A traditional TV has thick black bezels and can ruin a beautiful and artistic interior design. While there are a lot of TVs with plenty of advanced features, most lack in aesthetics when they are turned off. It is also harder to get a TV that looks exactly like what you want. Using a vanishing TV mirror can help you completely hide it and use the mirror TV where you would typically use a mirror for decoration. You can also get a frame of your choice to get exactly the look you want. Also, vanishing TV mirror can give your office a very futuristic look and make quite an impression on the visitors.

Dual purpose leading to the more efficient use of space

Another important utility of vanishing TV mirror is that it is two devices in one. You can place a mirror where you need one. Once you have done using it, you can use the TV to display additional information or as a normal TV. This allows you to avoid placing a separate TV and a mirror, thus saving a lot of space in your office.