It used to be that dream houses would be these sprawling, massive mansions at the most exclusive part of the city—those that only rich people can afford. Now the trend has shifted, dream houses don’t necessarily have to be huge (and empty); people prefer smart houses over classically-built homes.

Why is this, you may ask?

Smart homes are more ideal in recent times because of its high functionality. Any smart home that is considered “intelligent” has an intricate home automation system that is so advanced it can monitor and control lighting, temperature, security and other aspects of home living.

The term that best defines this system is Domotics, from the Latin word domus which means house, and the integration of technology to it. This includes electronics, electrotechnics and information technology, all working together to power up devices and appliances within the house.


Well, in the most basic understanding, a smart house is smart particularly because it has the ability to control climate and lighting, creating the appropriate ambience that the owner wants to achieve. A home automation service aims to provide the ease of living and utmost comfort to the family.

A house becomes “intelligent” not because of the high-tech gadgets found within it, but because of the way these appliances and the network that operates it are so well-integrated that it could provide the best home living conditions


Yes, and it is not only to keep up with trends. Having a fully automated house can provide so many advantages for you and your family’s comfort. For example, a smart house can pick up repetitive habits such as when the lights, entertainment systems and thermostats are turned on or off. Controlling your home even when you are not around is also possible with home automation.

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