The technology behind video conferencing is very awesome.  Imagine bringing people from different places and different time zone for one important purpose.  It is very essential for businesses and in the corporate world, to embrace such a technology.  It will not only save them a great fortune, but, also it eliminates the very old custom, of traveling from one office to the other.

Now, let us take a quick look, at the very technology, that makes this possible.

There are two types of video teleconference technology.


In the hardware category, this includes the equipment you can physically see, inside the conference room.  These composed of the audio and video equipments ( microphones, cameras and speakers). Others are computer monitors, CPU, connecting cables and any other input devices.

Video conferencing requires participants to talk and participate.  They are required to explain their views on things and sometimes, they are to present in front of everyone.  That is why, they need microphones and video display.  Input and output , devices are essential in this set-up.


While the software technology, includes the programs that enable connectivity, among the participants. Programs are design for presentation purposes and connectivity. Participants are required to interact to each other.

Clarity is the name of the game, in a video conference.  Hardware must be properly selected as per requirement and software or programs, must be very precise according to each use.

Video conferences, requires putting together important individuals, for a purpose. May it be a meeting, a business presentation or a or a plain department head Meeting.  Whatever it is, you can afford any problem, whether in the software or hardware technology.

Technology plays an important role in video conferencing. The more complex the conference the, where it involves a big number of participants and requires a big number of hardware, the more the advance is its technology.  While for a simple video conferencing, which only requires a few participants, you may not need a more extensive hardware of programming. You can just simply use the basic technology.  What is important is clarity in the output and input devices and consistency in network connectivity.